Sunday, May 3, 2009

30/4/2009 - The Not So Surprise B'day Party For Oizien

The surprise birthday party that Oizien kept asking !

That night , drank red wine like no tomorrow. However, they(Black Jack Staff's) mixed the red wine with 7up, so it tasted like Ribena( HMM!, Good for health ). Since , it was a surprise party for Oizien, of course we wont let her passed the night so easily . We picked a birthday song for her and all eyes were on her . Hahaha Lap mei !
That night Mr.Keong was a gentleman cuz he helped Ms.Vivian a lot . That girl attitude before drunk was already bad but after drunk it got even worst ! Astaga.
Before She vomitted at 918.
Group Pic

Ek Hem.

Mr Tat.

Ms Vivian

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