Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Week In Bilit,Sungai Kinabatangan

Last Tuesday, I went to my Dad's camp to help out since 4 workers on leave (I don't help much actually) . It's been awhile to visit that place again, i guess the last time i had been there is almost nearly 2 years ago. lolz

Well, I had loads of fun with the staffs there , They bring me along with their boat cruise in the morning and especially at night, when the stars and the moon shone brightly in the sky =). The view near the river is amazing ! Btw, I saw loads of animal during the boat cruise . The animal I saw includes Monkeys, Crocodile , Water Monitor, Gibbon ( Bet u dont know about it) and tons of different kinds of rare species of birds.

The down side was there were loads of mosquitoes.
The Jungle Camp ( We got some local resident which was a Storm Stork , 3 Water Monitor(Morning) and a Civet Cat ( Night) near the camp)
A view from the jetty

Some Japanese Tourist looking at Oizien's Relative

On a Morning Boat Cruise
Arriving at dads place
The trail to the lodge
Another amazing view

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