Saturday, January 17, 2009

Helpful tips !

Today i saw a show about chinese spells or curse. Well, they say that those spells are extremely hard to be cured . Most of the spells are used to revenge in terms of love , business or anger.The spells are usually cast in food or drinks . HMMM...

To check a person whether he/she is under a spell is ask the person to split his saliva in a glass of water. If the person is under no curse , his saliva will float above the water . However if he is under a spell , his/her saliva will sink .

Prevention Tips !
1)Before we eat , put a little food in the table in your palm. Then after dinner , throw the food in your palm outside of the house.

2)Eat more vitamin B12. Lolz .. seems like hard to believe but it says that vitamin B12 can strenghten our mental to avoid being controlled .

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